Groveton ISD believes that technology plays a vital role in personalized learning and preparing our students for their futures. Our district is committed to providing the equipment and resources needed so that our students have the knowledge and skills to succeed in the ever changing world of tomorrow.

Our goal is to integrate technology into the classroom and provide our students and educators with the tools for safe and effective communication, collaboration and learning in all areas of the education process.

The Technology Department is continually researching and evaluating new technologies for the best solutions to meet our goal.

Student Resources

Groveton ISD is a G Suite for Education campus. Through G Suite, Groveton ISD provides email accounts for all students in grades 6-12. Students will be able to use their school-provided accounts to communicate directly with teachers. The accounts are monitored to protect against cyberbullying and other online issues. Students will be provided with school-approved email addresses.
To log into their email accounts, students will go to and use their email address and password to log in and access their email accounts. 
Along with school-provided email, G Suite for Education provides access to additional resources including Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and Google Classrooms to facilitate classroom learning and assignment completion. To access these services a student will use their school-provided email and password to access these services online.
Groveton ISD provides Chromebooks for student use. Currently, all students from 9th thru 12th grades are assigned a Chromebook for use while at home and school. At this time Chromebooks are not being issued to students in grades Pre-K to 8th grade to take home. Chromebooks can be used for assignments and research as teachers allow. All Chromebooks are filtered for inappropriate content and use. Any work done on a Chromebook or using google services will be saved to the student's google cloud drive. This allows the student to access any material they have saved from any Chromebook or web browser.

To access a Chromebook students will use their school-provided email account and password to log onto the Chromebook and access their resources.

All activities conducted on school-provided Chromebooks are subject to monitoring by the school district. Any activities that break Groveton ISD's Acceptable Use Policy are subject to disciplinary actions per school policy.

Groveton ISD has several computer labs, running Microsoft Windows, for student use. Desktops located in labs require a student account and password, created by the school, to use. Unlike chromebooks, any work done on a windows computer not specifically saved to a USB drive or a student's google drive account will only be accessible from that individual computer. Groveton ISD is not held responsible for any lost work or assignments in the event a student does not save their work to a personal USB drive or their google drive account. USB drives can be purchased at the school library for approved student use.
Groveton ISD employs the use of an internet web filter provided by Deledao that "blocks and prohibits pornographic or obscene materials or applications, including from unsolicited pop-ups, installations, and downloads." If you would like access to a website, or believe a website should be blocked, please complete the Website Approval/Block Request Form.

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